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Choosing Rehab & Nursing



     On the morning of April 15th, (D Day for me) I received a text that my Dad was in the ER.  This was the start of a roller coaster ride.  

      Long story short... My Girls (June and Stacy) diligently spent more than 8 hours searching all over the Internet trying to help find a good fit for my Dad's needs.  I will say this from the experience, no matter what the number of stars the facility has as a rating (NO Less than 4) .... the importance of having a family member there every day at varying hours is critical.  I also learned from this experience that there is no place like home.  If it is at all humanly possible, work together and avoid placement if at all possible. 

                               The benefit of this for you... Please find the links that were helpful for the following:


2015 US News Best Nursing Homes   Click on your state to see what nursing homes have been awarded a 5-star rating

Nursing Home Watch List  Nursing  Home Survey Ratings, Complaints, Report of Repeat  Violations, and Medicare Ratings (June's Favorite)

IQ Nursing Homes  Nursing home ratings and inspection reports

Medicare   Go to the Resource Locator and click on Nursing Homes

Medicare's guide to Choosing a Nursing Home

Nursing Care Facility Locator use this page to locate nursing homes in your area of the state

Nursing Home Compare   use this link to compare rehab/nursing homes /search.html

Nursing Home (for visiting) Checklist

Senior Directory  Click on Housing to search in your area

US News   use this link to compare rehab/nursing homes in our area

 Elder Law Answers  use for Medicaid Eligibility Questions

Medicare at a glance